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Wes Craven’s Dracula 2000


Great Bet Daters will find these vampires pretty sexy. Images of sensual dreams, risque trysts, and moments of romance just before the kill make Dracula 2000 a great bet for couples who like this type of movie.

Great Bet – This will be one of the vampire films the gals can enjoy, considering the hypnotic, sexy Dracula involved. Ladies won’t be nearly as put off by this violence as some of Wes Craven’s other adventures.

Maybe – Fellas who are fans of the horror genre may be dissapointed by this film’s predictability and lack of originality. There isn’t anything really shocking or new. The men who are more interested in the tale of Dracula itself might enjoy seeing this slant on the familiar character’s origins.

Poor Bet – Too visually upsetting, too suspenseful, and much too violent to be ok for kids. Children might think they want to see the film, but the material would be too disturbing for them. Don’t confuse this with The Little Vampire!

Maybe – Only older teens should be allowed, if at all, to see this new Dracula. Sexual innuendo and overt scenes of sex and murder make this one pretty hardcore for anyone under 16. The film is rated R for a reason. Teens will be drawn to the Marilyn Manson style of marketing that’s been used to push this film.

Probably OK – Gen Xers will want to go see this because Wes Craven’s name is on it. Gen Xers shouldn’t expect anything new in the way of the horror genre, and might actually find Dracula 2000 to be a disappointment, with not enough jump scenes, the Mission: Impossible manner in which Dracula is stolen, and the extremely cheesy ending.

Probably OK – Boomers will think it is nice to see Christopher Plummer in a film, and will enjoy the funny way he says Dracula (Drah-cool-ya). The story itself is a bit difficult to swallow, and Boomers might just think this version is one they could have lived without. Overall, not a bad film, but certainly not going to fetch any statues either.

Poor Bet – The grandparents won’t really appreciate Dracula 2000, unless they are already big fans of the horror genre, and simply must see them all, good or bad.

Good Bet – Intellectual film goers will want to see this movie for a few reasons…Wes Craven, Dracula, hey it’s gotta be good right? The smarteypants may hate the film but will have a great time picking it apart, and debating the many ways Dracula might have actually walked the earth. The biblical references should offer a load of debatable topics!


Extreme – A bloody face, then several dead, decomposing bloody bodies shown in a ship of no survivors except the rats; someone shows and talks about a 14th century crossbow; someone is hit in the head and knocked out by a stun baton; someone’s mouth is sealed with duct tape; a man jumps a woman with a knife from behind; 2 men are killed from descending metal stakes; impaled bodies are shown a second time; someone points a gun at another; a man opens a gate and a dead body is stuck to it; someone gets a leech attached to his eyelid; a man is attacked by a vampire, (only fangs followed by a man screaming is shown); someone is hit in the head by a helmet; a man is killed, (only the flying blood is shown); a woman is bitten by a vampire (her neck is shown being sucked upon); a vampire is shot several times, but his wounds instantly heal; news footage shows a plane wreck with the bodies of those who were killed by the vampire; a body is shown mangled and gory; a woman is slashed in the throat by a vampire’s claws; a man is strangled and thrown a long distance; vampires attack a couple men who shoot them and cut off their heads, meanwhile other vampires spring to life from body bags; someone is stabbed in the eye; someone is threatened with a knife to the head; a vampire is shown being staked several times; a woman busts through a two way mirror and takes down the man on the other side; a vampire sucks the blood of a woman; a vampire kicks a man who turns around and stabs and kills him with a dagger; someone beheads another; a man is thrown into a mirror; a woman is shown dead and bloody on a bed (very bloody); a man is shown dead and impaled underneath a bed; a vampire in the shape of a dog is shot and turns into a hundred flying bats; a man is thrown across the room; a female vampire bites another woman who doesn’t seem to be in any pain; three vampire women attack one man who kills one using a wooden stake, but is hit in the head with a gun; a vampire bites the neck of a woman; a man cuts his own neck to allow a woman to drink from it; a man is hung in a dream sequence; a woman cuts off the head of another woman; a man points a gun at another, but doesn’t shoot; a woman is thrown into a neon sign; two people fall through a window; someone chops the head off another using garden shears; a man is shown being hung; a woman falls from high up, but is ok; a man is shown in flames; a man is shown being hung several times.

Abundant – A man asks a woman out in a suggestive way; a woman kisses a man seductively; sounds of sex behind a closed door can be heard; a woman suggests her friend “needs the man inside her head”; a woman asks a man if her bosoms look good on camera (she uses slang); a man kisses a woman in a dream; a woman licks the face of a man and tells him crudely why she never went out with him; a woman talks about kissing a man that wants her soul; a sex club shows silhouettes of nude dancers, (sides of breasts are shown); a woman is sexually aggressive towards a man who she isn’t supposed to be able to see behind two way mirror; a music video shows people participating in S & M type activity(implied), nudity, leather, whips, chains, piercings and tattoos (goes by in a flash, mostly); a man kisses a woman’s hand and she leads him back to her house where they instantly start having sex, him on top of her in the air (breasts and skin shown); a woman’s breasts are shown in a street parade at Mardi Gras; a female vampire acts provocative towards a man during a street parade; 3 vampire women attack one man in a sexual fashion; a man kisses a woman passionately; a man is shown with blood on his cheek.

Abundant – 12 F-words; 3 SH-words; 1 B-words; 4 damns; 4 hells; 11 derogatory references to deity; 2 derogatory references to anatomy.

Abundant – Much ominous music plays through out the film; a scary crypt; an old man and his assistant have an argument; someone cuts their hand while trying to pry open a locked casket; a room fills with the smoke of an eerie nature; a man opens a mysterious casket; a reporter isn’t alone at a crime scene; men at the morgue find a few surprises; a woman confesses to a priest, but begins to have visions in the church; a mysterious man asks a woman about her roommate, and follows her home; a man must fight off a vampire that pops up out of nowhere; a man faces the demon he has kept locked up for centuries; a woman walks into a room where someone has obviously been murdered; a vampire chases a woman into a cemetery; a man is held for a woman to behead him; the last ten minutes of the film.

Extreme – Breaking and entering; theft; talk of acquiring items illegally; murder; vampirism; leaving work without permission; lying to family members about their true heritage; cheating the natural life process by using the blood of a vampire to stay alive; talk of hating God; someone points an open bible at a vampire, causing the pages to fly out in a menacing manner; immortality; betrayal; suggesting that a fictional character is actually a person from biblical times.

Some – A man keeps leeches in a jar; a man uses a syringe to remove blood from a leech and inject it into himself; much of the art or images shown repeatedly are of skulls with fangs; a whole bunch of blood is mysteriously sucked into a crack in a casket and disappears; a woman trying to rationalize her dreams suggests she needs a drug called Xanax, or that she might be pregnant; a “dead” body is covered in leeches; several times the vampires suck the blood of others.

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