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Top 10 Sports Movies

Leave your opinions in the comments, we’d love to hear from you! We also try to keep this list as up to date as possible, so if you see any errors, please give us a shout and we’ll update the list.

1) Goon
A loser with a heart of gold, Goon follows Doug as he moves from bouncer to hockey enforcer. In the shadow of his successful brother, he proves himself to his family and friends through comedic violence. As fun as it is funny, Goon shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but definitely deserves a spot on any sports movie list.

2) Days of Thunder
Before Tom Cruise went crazy, he had one heck of a streak in some great movies. A young racer, set on making a name for himself, ends up in a tragic wreck, having to redeem himself by getting over his new fears. The final race is a great scene in sports cinema, a fantastic climax to end the movie.

3) Poolhall Junkies
Like Christopher Walken? How about cheesy acting? A plot line similar to Rounders? Then *BAM* do we have the movie for you. Poolhall Junkies never really takes itself that seriously but is always enjoyable. It certainly made us want to find the nearest dive bar and play some pool.

4) Happy Gilmore
You’ve probably already seen Happy Gilmore. And, if you’re anything like us, probably seen it on Netflix and wondered, “Has Happy Gilmore stood the test of time?” The answer is… for the most part, yes. For all the crud that Adam Sandler takes these days, there was no actor even close to his level of humor in the mid 90s.

5) Never Back Down
Ok, please don’t judge us. Please go and watch this movie and THEN you can get back to us if you want to make fun of this movie being on the list. Never Back Down will be the type of movie where you want to hate it, but we’re willing to bet, you’ll actually really end up enjoying it.

6) K2
Not to be confused with K1…. Ok, terrible joke. This movie makes the list for a different reason than all the others. It’s actually a terrible film, but it’s SO terrible that it’s an enjoyable flick. You know the type, bad acting, terrible music, ridiculous plot. Enjoy it for what it is and laugh the whole time, just as the director had hoped.

7) Breaking Away
“Somewhere between growing up and settling down.” The ultimate coming of age movie, Breaking Away should be a required movie for all adolescents. A movie as much about bike racing as it is about growing up.

8) Brian’s Song
A great movie of two friend’s who started competing with one another for a spot on the football team. Through this they end up bonding and becoming best friends, only strengthened by eventual hardship. Based on a true story, it’s a wonderful story of two best friends.

9) Warrior
You might have seen Warrior atop our list of best action movies on Netflix. It deserves a definite spot on both of these lists. This movie seemingly flew under the radar but ask anyone who has seen it, even the most manliest man, and we have a hard time believing they weren’t in tears by the end of this film. Two estranged brothers end up fighting in the same tournament, but throughout the whole movie, their relationship painfully struggles. An absolute must watch.

10) Raging Bull
Nominated for eight Academy Awards, Raging Bull is a classic depiction of Italian American boxer Jake LaMotta in this historical biopic. Directed by Martin Scorsese and brilliantly acted by Robert DeNiro, this is a must watch for both sports fans and cinephiles alike, a definite classic.

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