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Top 10 Superheroes

While you may not have grown up reading Mike Mignola’s Hellboy comics, this superhero received critical acclaim following his adaptation into a Guillermo del Toro production. Played by acting veteran Ron Perlman and featuring some of the best CGI and physical makeup seen in years, this 2004 film stands as one of the most inventive and bizarre “superhero” films in recent memory.

While Ben Affleck made his (regrettable) mark on the superhero community with an ill-fated 2003 production, the character of Daredevil was too tenacious to disappear forever. He was re-launched in a highly-praised Netflix original series of the same name, which just hit the streaming platform this April to massive fanfare. Despite its newness, the series has already been green-lit for its second season.

This former Smallville side character eventually grew big enough to warrant his own show, which also premiered on The CW in 2012. The series was met with rave reviews and demands for further seasons, which were swiftly granted by the ruling network. Arrow is currently available to stream through Netflix, giving you just enough time to catch up before his fourth season debut later this year.

Unfortunately, most of the Marvel live-action films were either taken off Netflix or never reached the streaming platform, including Thor. On the upside, however, viewers can watch the four-part miniseries Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers, which offers a far more personal and private view of the Asgardians. If you’re still hungry for the 2011 film, however, consider streaming it through Amazon Prime.

The Hulk
If you’re into cheesy 1970s television, then rejoice. All five seasons of The Incredible Hulk, starring Lou Ferrigno, are available for instant streaming through Netflix. If you’ve only seen the recent Marvel reboots, and haven’t been able to watch any of the heroes in their original (low budget) forms, then this should be on the top of your viewing list.

Iron Man
Once again, the Robert Downey Jr. productions are a victim of the live-action absence currently plaguing Marvel films on Netflix (hint: you can stream it through Amazon Prime tonight). In its place, there’s the animated film Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United, which follows the dynamic duo in their fight against Red Skull and his nefarious Hydra army.

Netflix’s lineup is always changing, so more films will be added as the roster grows. In the meantime, keep busy with these stream-ready superheroes and prepare for Marvel’s upcoming theatrical releases.

Leave a comment if?you notice something we’ve missed, or if Netflix adds something and we haven’t updated this list yet!

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