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New full movie captain 2019 movie (About-Review)

This is all about The next Anmol kc film of a football darma
Catain (Anmol kc) has started his principle of photography.
Before this week, just a football match between the manang marsyagdi concluded and Apf. The audience didn’t leave stadium. He is staying back to see the fliming with a star sludded crew.
After the game was over, Anmol kc (actor), Bhuwan kc and saroj khanal was took the ground and all of those whom were donning the manang marsyangi’s jersey. Captain will by the ilam base of football club…

It’s now time to play football. Anmol kc’s next movie “captain” will portray the local players from jhapa and his journey to represent the national team. Under the banner of kajal films, captain will be featuring upasana singh Thakuri opposite to Anmol kc.Anmol’s latest movie kri is also going to release on feb 9, 2019.

About Movie
The most awaited film captain trailer has release. This movie has starting by Amol kc, upsana singh thakuri, sunil thapa, prashant tamrakar, wilsam bikram rai, buddhi tamang and many other in this movie captain.
Total amount of movie which has invested in this movie is 3crore 40lakh. In this movie promotion more than 4 crore will be invested.

Captain will brack the record of kri or not and other wise captain will win in the box office collection or not?? This is the question to viewers….

Superstar Anmol kc looks fierce as a football players of the nation. The cinema Times, Kathmandu_After releasing the first song ‘Rahar chha sanghai’ a while back, the team of Bhwan kc captain has finally released the trailer of the cinema today.

Super star Anmol kc as a football player, is the spitting image of Ishaan khadka, a dedicated and born to be a player. In the trailer, we can see him training playing for the nation, dance around and in lighter scenes where he tries to win over his lady love.
There are fleeling scenes that show Anmol love intrest played by debutants upashana singh Thakur and priyanka mv in the cinema.

Parts of the trailer have the high energy sound track, in the backdrop. The cinema directed and written by Diwakar Bhattari seems to be shot on an epic scale pans through years tracing the life of an athlete.
The cinema which is slatedto release in 1st of march also features sunil thapa, saroj khanal, prashant tamrakar, wilson bikram rai and rajaram paudel.

After watching the trailer (captain) we have seen it Anmol kc is very poor in economie. We can see the prasshant tamrakar is football coach in the movie. Sunil thapa we can see the member of football players. Wilsam bikram rai we can see the team of Anmol kc. Saroj khanas we can sèe in the father role of Anmol kc in the movie. Because of economie Anmol kc has to face lots of problem to play in international. He have to show his talent to become the player to be played internation. In the movie captain vfx is also very nicely used.

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