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Andrew Andrews: A Lone Star in Texas Indie Film gathers a crowd at Houston Comedy Film Festival.

Andrew Andrews drew in the largest audience at its Houston Comedy Festival world premiere, as it started its journey in the festival circuit.

“Andrew Andrews is the type of movie you’re going to totally love or just love to hate,” raved one film viewer. “I loved it.”
Laded as the most original film seen and having the makings of a cult classicc, the Andrew Andrews world premiere lives up to chat board buzz it had already generated in sneak previews. At the festival, viewers and filmmakers alike were eager to see what it is about Andrew Andrews that keeps getting so much attention.
“Andrew Andrews had the largest audience on Sunday,” praises the Houston Comedy Film Festival site, and was part of the longest Q & A of the festival, praising its quality and excellent character development.

When the producers at Singing River Productions discuss the film, it’s clear they understand the attraction.
“The appeal for a hero’s journey is universal,” says Amy Mills, the co-producer of Andrew Andrews. “As a society, we love to see glitz and glamour but secretly we root for the underdog. Andrew Andrews offers both. That’s immediate appeal.”

This comedic indie film follows the hero’s journey of Andrew Andrews, an incompetent trust fund kid forced to make his own way in the world. If Andrew Andrews were less original, one could compare it to The Jerk or Billy Madison but according to festival goers, its originality puts it in a class of its own.
“This is the most original film I’ve ever seen. Klipstine is not copying the style or tone of any other movie,” -Johnathan Morris, Director from Austin, TX

“Klipstine and Mills (the producers) are very talented. It is very difficult to pull a film like this off and they’ve done it.” – Jim Adderly, Producer from Los Angeles, CA

Shot with the RED camera in HD and adapted for BluRay, this expertly presented film is a first feature effort from Singing River Productions, based in Los Angeles, California.

Lauded as one of the top features at the Houston Comedy Festival by the festival director and audience response, Andrew Andrews is just beginning its tour of the festival circuit.

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